General Hello

February 13, 2009 at 2:59 pm (1)

Love ya



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Leaving blogging temporarily

January 8, 2009 at 7:52 am (1)

Hi all, I am leaving blogging till April. Will hang on soon. Take Care.

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When you live

January 6, 2009 at 9:54 am (1)

One of my favourite songs in existence is Linkin Park’s Leave Out all the Rest. It’s lyrics is somewhat based on what will happen when you die and how many people will remember you. Here is a short poem which also shares the same mood. Check it out…

When you live wipe tears from every eye
when you live, share truths in each lie
When you live, resist all tears
when you live, reveal no fears
So when you stand up in the crowd
all your people are simply proud
And when you have to die
All the world would cry
When you live…

When you live, make a habit of success
When you live, be light in darkness
When you live, make friends who live for you
When you live, these friends will remain a few
So when you try to leave them
your mind tries to believe them
That even when you have to die
All the world would cry
When you live…

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That Boy

January 3, 2009 at 12:49 pm (1)

Before I write anything on this post, I must tell you that this post is written not out of compassion, not out of mercy but out of anger, frustration and also to some extent, jealousy.

Yesterday, I and some of my friends were just roaming. We’ve had a reunion and one of our friends had returned after long time. So it was a day which demanded treat. And it had to be nothing less than ice-cream. So we went to a good shop to grab our chocolate cones. As we parked our vehicles, a small boy, around five or so years old came and demanded money. Yes, he did not beg, he did not request and he did not ask – he straightaway demanded: one rupee. Nothing more than that.

We had no spare change so we shooed him. It was no use talking to these beggars. But later some other came and we gave him something and he went away. When we were going back that small boy jumped and grabbed my friend’s scooter (in which I was at the pillion). We asked him what did he want. He still needed only a rupee. We tried to shoo him away again. Get lost, get away, forgive us – what not did we say. But still he was adamant and still stuck to the scooter’s back. We moved on and he had to leave.

I was only wondering that in one place there are people like us. And in one place there are people like them.

People like us work hard all the time, from studying to earning. We face the aftermath of economic recession, we fear the war, we face the challenges from the government. We want a change!

And people like them don’t want a change, they just want spare change.

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New Determination

January 1, 2009 at 6:26 am (1)

Happy New Year.

Today I woke up with every inch of my body pulsating with new determination. Everything seemed new and all mistakes seemed rectifiable. The answer to every question was “I can do it!” rather than “Can I do it?”.

Life is like that. Time which has passed will never return again so you can not play games with it. But time which has to come is fresh, untouched and virgin. It is like clay and you can mould it in anyway.

The final product’s beauty is in your delicate hands.
If you are nervous, then it may fall and break…

So cast your 2009 like never before!

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New Year Resolutions

December 31, 2008 at 7:22 am (1)

Hello all. Today is the last day of the year 2008! It passed so quickly, really guys. But as far I know, everyone makes some new year resolutions (with a very close expiry date). This time I am reappearing with the new year resolutions of your nine most favourite people throughout the globe for 2009 (not 100% true, but you can laugh):

1. John Abraham : “I’ll wear my underwear properly this year.”

2. Katrina Kaif : “I’ll take Hindi classes to be a hindi movie heroine.”

3. Himesh Reshammiya : “I’ll act in another movie for suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure.”

4. George W. Bush : “I’ll prefer Nike shoes.”

5. Barack Obama : “I’ll watch some black and white movies.”

6. Abhinav Bindra: “After my country, I’ll make some brands proud.”

7.Shah Rukh Khan : “I’ll avoid fighting with other Khans.”

8. Aamir Khan : “I’ll try to remember more than 15 minutes.”

9. Farhan Akhtar : “I’ll search for my laundry bill and the half read novel.”

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Ghajini Vs Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

December 28, 2008 at 12:28 pm (1)

Hello all. So what’s up? Actually, I had to do this post as I watched two new movies from the Khan Khandan.


One is the cute, nice, well written, well made story of a man called Surinder Sahni (Shah Rukh Khan) in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and other is the well directed, well written, fierce and violent revenge story of a man called Sanjay Singhania (Aamir Khan) in Ghajini.

Music of both the movies was too good, really exquisite and mind blowing. But one song from each of the movies made a place in my heart. The songs are Haule Haule from RNBDJ and Kaise Mujhe Tum mil gayi from Ghajini. Haule Haule is a Salim-Sulaiman song sung by Sukhwinder Singh and the latter is a typical slow Rahman track sung by Benny Dayal.

The story of both the movies is well written. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is written by Aditya Chopra and Ghajini is written by A.R. Murugadoss. But as far as the story is concern, I think Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi stole the show. My reasons are also fair as Rab Ne… is new, and Ghajini is a remake of a Tamil movie Ghajini which is also a remake of a hollywood movie Memento.

Heroines. The female central character had an equal and important role in both the movies. Anushka Sharma played Taani in RNBDJ and did fair justice to her role, but here Asin Thottumkal who played Kalpana in Ghajini, I felt was better. Asin’s acting was also nice. SRK and Anushka looked a nice pair on screen but Aamir looked older than Asin in most parts of the movie.

Direction of Ghajini was better than RNBDJ. No more comments.

Now comes the big question…Aamir or Shah Rukh. Well, to say the truth, I am speechless. Surinder Sahni was really humble and a common man while Sanjay Singhania was quite a flamboyant. No offence, but Ghajini seemed like a total South movie. Everything was there at the correct time and correct place when their characters were in need. RNBDJ had new humour and a good storyline and Ghajini had great action and a good story line. The love story of Asin and Aamir was also better. But it seemed like Aamir only did serious frowning and raw action in the movie, while Shah Rukh was incredible with his role split. SRK’s better.

Ghajini Vs Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

And the award goes to…

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Head, Set, Go!

December 26, 2008 at 6:07 am (1)

Hi all. Very warm Christmas greetings to you. Actually there has been some problem with my browser and wordpress that it wasn’t opening yesterday. Too much traffic or net speed, well I don’t know.

I am very happy to announce that inspite of so many rises and falls in my stats graph, this blog has already come under the 500 visits club. Thanks, my readers.

And the else is quite a pain already. Exams are about to come and I won’t be blogging too much.

Exams are enroute.

Head, Set, Go!

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Once upon a time in 2008

December 23, 2008 at 4:09 am (General)

In advance. 

Have a very merry christmas and a happy new year. Well, since this happens to be my blog I would like to tell what all happened to me in this highly momentful year 2008. 

January was a headache and so was February and March. Always, exams consume that time. 

April, I entered my tenth board class. I was very much excited.  It was a challenge for me which I had to win. I got my own study room in April too. And I showered it with posters and all. Bookshelves were installed and lot of other things were done. 

May and June, were quite uneasy for me. I was studying like mad in holidays. In May, my cousins came and in June I went to my cousins place.  I had an enjoyable summer vacation. 

July, school reopens. Hmmm. And something more happened. I started writing my second book A Tenth Board Story – Where Edges Meet (ATBS). Also somewhere near 6 July, I also went for the Bal Shree locals to Bhopal. I was qualified. 

August, ATBS was in progress and I was enjoying writing it. It was during that time that I made out that writing is not my hobby, it’s my passion. 

September, was quite quiet except for the fact that I had qualified for Bal Shree Zonals. I went to Bhopal again and had a nice time there. Though like the last time the domination was still of Hindi over English but the numbers of writers in English had increased. Last time there was only one writer in English, yours truly. When I returned, one of the best things in my life took place. ATBS was completed. In barely two months. 

October was quite jovial and happening. Diwali and Dussherra were there to be celebrated and a lot of birthdays in my family also fall in October so it was well. Also ATBS was read through and through and was now ready for publishing. It was sent to various publishing houses. Also I was waiting for my Bal Shree results. To be honest, I wasn’t sure that I will qualify. 

November, on its first day only I got the good news. I had qualified for the National Level Bal Shree Camp in New Delhi. Wow! Later was just a wait for them to begin. Also I started blogging, which has now become my cup of tea. 

December, the last month of the year gave me my most prized experience.  My tour of Delhi for the National Camp of Bal Shree awards was a great time. I made a lot of friends throughout the length and breadth of India. For details check out the travelogue I wrote in the travelogue category. 

And now, today is 23nd December. Eight days for my best year to end. It’s not every year that you finish a book, reach nationals of a competition and give your class tenth. I’ll remember everything of this year. Discovering my passion, visiting Delhi and learning to enjoy every second of life. 

I’ll celebrate this new year like never before as a tribute to 2008 and I’ll welcome 2009 with the rest of the world. 

Tell me how your year was. Keep rocking.

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December 18, 2008 at 3:46 pm (General)

Some days ago I did a post regarding my dislike to a school taught subject called Biology. Well, a lot of people responded to it. Most of them, negatively. And no one said to me that Shival, please stop it! Bio is a good subject. That’s why they teach it. Everyone said that yeah, Bio bores and there is no need to study biology. 

Well, my dear Biology is a great subject. I have a deep respect to bio and it is so deep that sometimes I cannot even find it. Yes, biology can be sometimes boring as it is not such applied as physics, chemistry and mathematics. But it is a core subject. I used to think that people who are weak in maths always took bio but now I know, from my interaction with some new friends that people weak in bio also take maths. Some people love bio too. Bio gaves is biotech, biochem, pharma, medicine, cures, vaccination and LIFE. 

Principles of bio can do what the principles of PCM can never do. It can save and give a life. 

So people, respect biology as a subject. 

Aww, forget it. Maybe I got carried away. I hate bio. 


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Let’s Find A Way!

December 17, 2008 at 10:16 am (General)

Hi folks. In Delhi, we were given a task to write a poem about the Taj Incident. It was session number 3 and was on 5th December 2008. I am not praising my self but I really liked this one. It’s called Let’s Find A Way!

That night the sun set as demise

Like it would never rise

Some men crawled inside

The Taj at real late night

They were very young

and spoke a foreign tongue

And their knives were not blunt

for innocents at the battle front

Pain and Agony didn’t hide to say

The terror didn’t subside to say 

That please spare a day

Let’s find a way!

Those who live by the gun

always die by the gun

But the guests of Taj were innocent

what made them to pay the rent

of life which was only their

Their families ran here and there 

shouting – Give me my son!

My daughter, my everyone!

And then they were also caught

like gunmen were never taught

That please spare a day

Let’s find a way!

I cry and cry and cry

The governments did try

The bravest and the strongest

took no time to digest

that DEATH was next door

LIFE wasn’t furthermore

but still they left and fought

and all the terrorists were shot

Some brave hearts had to die

Some brave hearts made us cry

That please spare a day

Let’s find a way!

The walls of the Taj are stained

Blood is all drained

People had to die

Families had to cry

Fear was in the eyes


will be murdered everyday

Like there’s no holiday

Like there’s no way out

Like some fool has to shout

That please spare a day

Let’s find a way!


Liked it?

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Why do Exams return?

December 15, 2008 at 10:01 am (1)

Good question.

I’ve just given my exam like a month ago and not even full thirty days are left for the exams to come back again. So the point is why do exams return.

If we think strategically, its good for them to come back. But well, if you see morally, their coming back means sticking yourself to the study table and books opened wide.

Well, I don’t particularly like exams but hey there’s no control on them either. What do you feel about exams?

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New Delhi, December 2008

December 12, 2008 at 10:14 am (Travelogues)

I dont really like reading travelogues particularly. When they come in the textbooks, I generally do not like them. But I hope this travelogue, written in my style should impress you. 

So it starts with 3rd December 2008 : I reached there and advanced towards the formalities. Getting my ID and etc. Then I jumped on my bed and started reading a novel which I supposed was to finish in a day or so. We had to sleep in a dormitory with other people like in a hostel. In evening I took a walk with Imad and Ravi, who were to become my very good friends. But I, the most unsocial fellow on the planet, was still too shy to make friends. 

4th December 2008: The first working day at the camp. I still had no friends. Life was very lonely and I had only me and that novel. The first day started with a meeting with the National Bal Bhawan (NBB) Director who made us play some games for us to accelerate our friendmaking abilities. In a short while our writing session started. We were made to introduce ourselves and after the intro, we had to write. For session 1 I had to biograph Shival as the school notice board. For S2 i have to compose a story for a given climax. Nothing happened in the evening either. 

5th December 2008: Second working day at the camp was rocking. I had started to make friends and the evening followed when I played Truth or Dare with my friends from South India. The game became ironical when the language of instruction drifted from English to Tamil. And then I couldn’t make either head or tail out of it. 

6th December 2008: Third day at the camp was more than rocking as this day was preplanned as the day for the campfire. But the working day was hectic. They hung us from 9 AM to 9 PM. After the working session, we also had a talk with some famous writer. So the patient participants waited. The campfire was in the evening. And it didn’t have a fire at all initially. Some lame comedians were trying to make us laugh but they didn’t succeed too. However I joined others just to shout and make fun of them. Finally they gave up and the stage of the Mekhla Jha Auditorium in the NBB turned into a dance floor. First boys jumped, then girls followed. But lame dancers like me and some others were still seated. Finally the song changed to ‘In The End’ from Linkin Park and I couldn’t resist it. I danced after four years that night. 

7th December 2008: Today was more or less like the other days except my camera was fully charged. Today I did some serious photography and caught all the memories I could in jpg format. The canteens, the hostels, the lawns and the NBB people. Truly, these photos are meant to be cherished. Today we also got a bigger break as yesterday we didn’t got any breaks. For all practical purposes, the Creative Writing sessions were over. 

8th December 2008: The first thing in the morning was our PsychoTest or The Passi Psychological Examination. It was quite silly but still constituted 20% of our marks. And then came the painful three letter word – bye. The day was seasoned with goodbyes. First was goodbye, Delhi-ites! Then Goodbye Central Indians! Then Goodbye South! Goodbye North East! 

9th December 2008: If any one was left to say goodbye then it was them today. We laughed, cried, fought, shook hands and smiled. Our camp was officially over today. I had to catch my train at 5.30 PM but since the NBB was already haunted by loneliness, I left early for shopping to Connaught Place and then officially, Goodbye NEW DELHI! 

Hmmm, it does not end there.

Everyday: I miss Delhi.

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The BloGGer is Back!

December 10, 2008 at 7:26 am (1)


I have nothing to say except – NEW DELHI ROCKS!

Or the place where I spent the five  most memorable days of my life – NATIONAL BAL BHAWAN, NEW DELHI ROCKS! 

Thanks to Bal Shree National Camp I met so many uber-talented people and so many styles where energy is utilised. 



What all happened in Delhi? 

Wait for the full step by step, date by date travelogue of my five days in New Delhi. 


Your writers, Shival’s first travelogue.

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The Enemy Inside (Continued)

December 2, 2008 at 9:57 am (General)

Hello my dear friends. I’ve lit some candles. 

The post was not named the Enemy Inside just like that. It meant something. 

Mumbai seems to be at peace. Mr. Ratan Tata has now raised Rs. 5 arabs for the reconstruction of the Taj. Most bollywood stars have also increased their security. Mr. Amitabh Bachhan and Mr. Aamir Khan have expressed their concern on their blog (follow link, if you want to). People throughout the country have given a silent candle light protest. They have said that we will not tolerate any form of terrorism again. Never again. 

The reaction given to them by the so-called leaders were, ‘Its the kind of thing ladies do when they have no work.’  and ‘small small things keep happening in big big cities.‘ What can we do now? When peoples gravest feelings are called works done to replace idleness. Or when the loss of more than hundred lives is called a small thing happening in a big city.

All of you know me and those who don’t, I am only a small town teenager from central India. I have no political aspects of viewing what is happening and has happened. The only thing is that I want to stop reading the newspapers now, stop watching the news. So many have died, so many had to die and so many just laugh at their painful death. 

I’ll never go to the Taj hotel. Not even if Mr. Tata renovates it for a dozen arab rupees. The ghosts of the martyrs will never forget its seven star luxury. They will wander there for ever. They will have no peace, only wait. An endless wait for justice. 

I cannot let this happen but yet who am I? Does my blog make any difference? Do I make any difference? The people who usually make differences are now dusting their shirts from the ashes left after the cremation of the martyrs. Terrorism has no religion. Neither do we, if we ignore it. 

So just forget what you just read. Forget what I ever wrote. Forget what happened at Taj. Forget what’s wrong. Just draw your blanket and sleep tight. Stay asleep till the bomb explodes from under your bed. Stay asleep when your parents cry at the loss. Just draw your blanket and stay asleep.

It’s time we should lead those leaders. 

Tell me what you felt.

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The Enemy Inside

November 30, 2008 at 3:11 pm (General)


Although ‘Atithi devo bhava’ has been the attitude of Indians for welcoming people from other countries, the ‘dev’ we only find from them is Yamraj. It’s so pathetic and so disgusting to find people dying right in front of you on TV. For the first time in my life, I watched the news lie three hours in both days of the Mumbai operation. 

The terrorists. What do they think of themselves, I still wonder. Yeah, we welcome them. Cool, you are our athithy, so come loot us and murder our countrymen. We do nothing to you. We keep donating towards your country in times of crisis. And you come into our country and rape our security. 

And by the way, I heard some saviours of Maharashtra and Mumbai also existed who wanted to throw all the north Indians away for security and peace of the city. Where the hell are they now? Tight asleep with dozens of bodyguards lulling them? 

The Taj and the Oberoi were one of the finests hotels in India till 26th November. 

They continue to be so. But something is not there. That trust which is lost. 

Tourism industry has faced a decline already and other great hotels throughout the country have also recorded loss of interest. Home ministry was supposed to be answerable. SO we got an answer! Yippee! The answer is that the home minister resigned. Did it really mattered now? 

The politics tried to use the national shame as medium of political fame. Right, the newspaper said something like this Let’s pay our tributes to the martyrs. Vote for XYZ Party. 

I often critcise the media for showing nonsense on TV but now I congratulate them for keeping us updated with the operation. 

Nothing left to say, friends. It’s number of times over in Mumbai, Delhi and other metros, once around in every rare city you only see on the atlas. From 9/11 to 26/11. We don’t have a choice. Next moment, next second you can hear that a bomb exploded in the other neighbourhood and the girl you admired since childhood died in it. Or your best friend exploded into pieces when he touched a random bag on a floor. Or the dead body identified on the local news was of…


My hands shatter when I write.

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Why not to worry about exam

November 29, 2008 at 11:43 am (General)

Hi all. The weather’s so cool today. I mean the cold cool not the other funky meaning of the word cool what we normally use. I’ve been working on blog design recently and I will add a brand new page where you can play flash games made by me. But wait for that. By the way, I’m not promoting anything, but I would suggest you to watch Yuvvraaj (hope I spelled that properly). It’s a good, decent movie. 

As usual, your host has got something to bore you. It’s a story (not again!) that someone told me long time back. 

This time it’s four friends who studied late night for their exam next day. Let’s name them Ram, Shyam, Mohan and Rahul. All four equally talented and prepared.They had to give a big, big paper, say IIT-JEE. Is that Okay?  

Ram was worried about his result. He was worried that even if he tried his best, he was not destined to be at IIT. 

Shyam was worried about competition. He was worried that even if he tried his best, there a million of other people better than him. How would he make it? 

Poor Mohan was worried about the result and the competition both. He lost his interest in the paper before even giving it. He lost before he fought.

But Rahul (not to be confused with the famous Mahajan) was neither worried about results or competition. He was confident on his preparation. Something that was on since class X.

That night no one slept except Rahul.  

Next day they gave their paper. After some weeks the results came out and only Rahul could crack it. 

So the moral of this story is, well, DON’T care a damn about results and competition. 

Try your best and forget the rest. 

Sorry for boring you. But I’ll try to improve. Can you tell me how? Comment!

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Improvement against Establishment

November 28, 2008 at 9:34 am (General)


 We often come across two factors in our day to day life. One is the mighty Establishment and other is the scope for improvement. Establishment is, well, more or less, established. Unmovable, unalterable and so on. Improvement is always expected. But sometimes Establishment and Improvement battle.

Sometimes what we do for improvement goes against the establishment. Just like Galileo and Copernicus, their discovery of scientific truths went against the Catholic establishment at that time. But their improvement in the erstwhile theory was for the benefit of science. In fact, Science is nothing but improvements done on establishment.

Law on the other hand is too complex to be improved.  At least people like me, who know neither head nor tail of this subject definitely cannot comment on its improvement, but yes, here also establishment is minor to improvement. That’s why we exist and the law is nearly flawless. This establishment welcomes improvements.

Language is the most established thing in the world. But still, little more than ten new words are added to the dictionary every year. Improvement.

If such important things like Science, Law and Language can welcome improvements, why can’t we offer a little improvement to our established tradition of living.

So today, establish a new improvement on the establishment of your life.

If we can improve, we can establish. If we can establish, we can improve.

Now, please, establish a comment to suggest an improvement. 

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The Story of English

November 26, 2008 at 10:11 am (General)

“I can talk English, I can walk English, I can dance English because English is a very funny language” – Amitabh Bacchan, Namak Halal (1982) 

Today I will write something what happened with a boy who also thought English is a very funny language. 

Once, not long ago, there was a boy who got appreciable marks in English every time. This time also the world expected him to get marks what others would dream for. This boy did his paper well too.

The teacher came and distributed the English answer sheets randomly and this boys answer sheet went to a boy, say A, who was this boy’s very best friend. A whispered into this boy’s ears that he got low marks. The boy signalled him to increase them a bit. A, for the sake of friendship and happiness of this boy, obeyed.

A increased 4 marks for this boy, without question. The English teacher also held this boy in high esteem. This boy was the most honest boy in the class, she probably thought. She entered the increased marks without question.

This boy became happy. Finally, he would get his 90% target achieved. But inside it hurted him. A voice inside him cursed him and shook him. The boy kept thinking of how cheap and characterless person he was.  He was falling in his own eyes. His very best friends also got divided on the questions. Some said it didn’t matter as most of the class played with their marks. Some said it mattered.

The boy was confused and faced a dillema. The constant sound the termites of guilt made while eating his mind tortured him. How can he do this? Cheating? Falseplay? Was he like this? 

Unanswered questions smashed into himself. Like darkness converging into his eyes and mind losing connections with the brain. What to do? What to do? 

The boy took a firm decision. The marks go to hell! The rank go to hell! The prestige go to hell! He said to make the guilt inside him go to hell. The boy stood up. His friends supported him and opposed him at the same time. The friends who supported him didn’t want his morals to lose, the friends who opposed him didn’t want his rank to lose. 

This boy went to the English teacher and abruptly said, ‘Ma’am, I played with my marks. I accept my fault and confess. I don’t want those extra marks. I don’t deserve them.’ The teacher got confused. She asked him to total the paper again. She expected him to be the most honest boy she ever met. But he was adamant on his voice. Ma’am looked at him with a clean eye.

‘I can award you those marks. Nevertheless, the marks have been entered. At least you have been honest.’ She said and smiled. Not guilty, her verdict said. 

The boy felt the guilt flush away. He hugged all his friends and finally smiled after the whole day. The morals and rank both maintained their existence. The morals won and the marks became the trophy. The boy got the second highest marks in English. 


Who this boy was?

I still wonder.

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November 25, 2008 at 10:30 am (General)

It is the first other than book post so please read carefully what a student has to say to you.

Some people get nightmares about Maths, some about Eng, some even get about Phy and Chem. But I never get nightmares. Not even for biology, my least loved subject.

But today the revelation of Biology marks in the half-yearly exams made me realize the inbuilt hatred fo that subject in my heart. I didnt always hate biology. I remember last year I got full marks twice. But now, my low score in spite of studying so hard is too much to handle. I am not complaining. I got low in Hindi too but I never said I hate Hindi. I am not saying this because I have a love for Maths and Physics or because Bio is not taught properly in our school. I hate Bio in general.

Why I hate biology, I dont know. Perhaps the reason is I don’t know how urea travels inside the body or I dont care how plants “translocate” their damned food inside their body or how the food travels in the stupid “alimentary canal”.

Well no comments for Bio-lovers, but certainly if any bio haters like me exist, leave your precious comments. Or tell me about your other least loved and most hated subject.


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